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Scalable Solutions for Portfolio Companies | APS


Accretive Portco Solutions offers a wide range of services that help our clients’ portfolio companies transform their businesses. With strategic consulting, project management, and proprietary tools, APS implements scalable solutions across projects and transactions with the ability to be one-time and repeatable to mitigate risk, increase operational efficiencies, and accelerate go-to-market implementation for middle- and lower middle-market portfolio companies. From M&A due diligence through exit, we help our clients experience real profitable growth in record time.


M&A Due Diligence

In due diligence, APS will provide market analysis of major real estate assets (owned and leased), economic incentive opportunity analysis to support the value creation plan, and high-level assessments for network strategy and operational process improvements.

While real estate typically doesn’t drive M&A transactions, integrating with operational due diligence has proven to provide our clients a competitive advantage.

Understanding the value of owned assets has provided the ability for multiple arbitrage while understanding lease values can help an acquirer increase its offer for a platform or bolt-on acquisition without hindering projected returns.

Real estate portfolio strategy alongside operational strategy (high-level network analysis and industrial/ process engineering) and financial structuring allows our clients the ability to explore several different game-changing operational scenarios in due diligence.

Economic incentive opportunity analysis that will create more opportunities to invest in automation and new technologies due to increased ROI and payback.

Property Condition Assessment to provide a CapEx liability report on real estate assets that could have an unexpected and significant impact on free cash flow and working capital.


Real Estate Transaction Advisory

APS’s portfolio optimization strategies are tailored to identify opportunities for cost savings, accretive monetization, and operational improvements aligned with each portfolio company’s business and financial objectives.

Unlock the full potential of your portfolio company’s real estate with a sale-leaseback. This multiple arbitrage strategy is not only accretive to enterprise value but also provides liquidity to fuel future growth for your business.

Get access to cost savings, time savings and best-in-class market knowledge with a real estate advisor that is a fiduciary to the tenant. Our tenant representatives will provide a tailored real estate solution to address your unique business needs and help you gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Maximize cost savings, reduce expenses, and optimize your footprint with our professional lease buyout and subleasing services. Our client-focused approach helps you take advantage of the ever-changing workplace strategies and global supply chains to gain financial and space flexibility.

Whether it is surplus or excess real estate that needs to be monetized or a new mission-critical operation with a preference for ownership, APS will provide the market knowledge and targeted marketing approach to maximize value.

Streamline your real estate financials and save money with our Lease Administration and Lease Audit outsourcing services. Not only will you reduce monetary and operational risks, but also gain organized, easy-to-access information, so you can make informed decisions quickly.

If you can’t measure it, how can you improve it? Make data-informed decisions to help your business succeed. With our business intelligence and performance metrics platform, you will get tailored advice that is based on your portfolio and operations that can help you take your business to the next level.


Consulting and Advisory

Our integrated approach optimizes location, labor, incentives, transportation, operations, and real estate footprint to maximize business results. We have best-in-class supply chain, logistics, engineering, procurement and incentives professionals to help our clients maximize financial, operational, and human capital performance.

Unlock significant cost savings for your business by selecting the optimized location for your operations. With APS’s comprehensive site selection process, you can lower operating expenses and create a more cost-effective operation for your business.

Maximize and accelerate your returns with APS’ credit and tax incentive service. Our best-in-class support allows you to fully capitalize on incentive packages and minimize any risks.

Maximize your return on investment and ensure long-term profitable growth with our distribution and fulfillment center solutions. Our expertise and experience provide your business with the cutting-edge solutions needed to stay ahead of ever-changing customer and market demands.

Get ahead of future supply chain complexities and gain a competitive edge with improved service offerings, reduced working capital, and streamlined operations through supply chain network optimization.

Our logistics consultants will help you save money on your transportation costs, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and improve your company’s productivity. With their expertise in assessing and optimizing supply chain operations, you’ll be able to maximize efficiency and enhance EBITDA margin.

Get the most out of your investments and operations with our services, which are designed to increase efficiencies and enhance EBITDA margin. Achieve better results faster, with improved throughput, space utilization, quality and a stronger bottom line.

Are you struggling to manage your inventory levels and cash flow? Our inventory planning and optimization experts can help. We ensure that your inventory levels are aligned with sales and production capacity, resulting in reduced working capital, EBITDA growth, and an efficient supply chain from start to finish.

With a modern material handling system, you can reduce operational costs, optimize the flow of goods, save space with a more efficient footprint, and gain real-time inventory control. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a flexible and efficient system for managing material handling processes.

Our process engineering services will make your business leaner and more efficient, improving profitability and customer service all while maintaining high levels of quality.

Are you looking to maximize cost-savings, resource availability, transparency and efficiency while reducing supplier risk and bolstering supply resiliency? Strategic sourcing is the answer. Strategically sourcing your organization’s needs provides the freedom to innovate, ensuring your competitive advantage and success.

With our workforce and compensation insights and decision support solution, you can make smart and informed decisions that will help you keep your employees engaged and retained. Unlock the power of data-driven decision making and ensure your organization is taking the right steps to retain its talent.

Get the best deals for you small to medium business that are typically only available to large commercial accounts. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having a FIXED multi-year rate, ensuring price stability and budgeting predictability.


Project Management

We firmly believe 80% of the value of a facility or capital project is in the first 20% of the process. Our Project Management Professionals will help strategize and implement solutions to meet your quality and budget goals on schedule.

With program management, your organization can focus on initiatives that deliver the greatest business value, while avoiding costly delays that can be caused by interdependencies and resource conflicts. Save time and money, and get the most out of your organization’s resources!

Maximize your business potential with CapEx Project Management! Our comprehensive systems and processes ensure better allocation of internal resources, a variable cost model, and reduction in expenses so that you can ensure your projects are completed on time. With CapEx Project Management, your business’s growth is virtually limitless!

Get a comprehensive analysis of the potential costs and benefits of your project with a feasibility study, so you can make an informed decision on whether to move forward with confidence.

Take the guesswork and risk out of the construction process with advanced pre-development and pre-construction planning. Ensure your project is optimally designed, minimizes costly errors and mistakes, and is sustainable in the long run.

Value engineering is the key to successfully completing any project. By using a systematic, organized approach to providing necessary functions at a lower cost, you can get the most out of your project without sacrificing quality. You can experience improved project quality, amplified project efficiency, less waste, and improved resource efficiency – all of which can lead to cost savings and a successful end product.

Streamline your construction and vendor bidding process with one comprehensive system to easily lower costs, mitigate execution risks, and increase visibility. No more time-consuming research, sourcing and quote requests – just effortless coordination for a reliable and cost-effective process.

Get your construction project done quickly and efficiently with smooth process and better decision making. Avoid costly delays and mistakes with our oversite and execution of a construction contract for your preconstruction and construction phases.


Principal Delivery Model

We provide turnkey delivery contracts for engagements and become our clients’ Single Point of Contact (SPOC) for the entire project delivery team. This single-source responsibility and accountability mitigates risks, creates efficiencies, reduces costs, and increases speed to market on projects from strategy through execution.

  • Budget, schedule, issues, risks
  • Real estate consulting/site selection
  • PMO for multiple site rollout
  • Project/construction management
  • Design, FF&E, commissioning
  • Eight to twelve week accelerated timeline
  • Upfront procurement of long lead items
  • Upfront procurement of typical FF&E

Procurement program for volume discounting


Transformational Projects

Many firms and their portfolio companies require complex, capital-intensive transformation projects to improve EBITDA margin and increase capacity for growth. Although these are the highest risk, they also provide the most leverage to increase enterprise value.

Our process creates competitive advantage by increasing project speed to market, driving EBITDA, and mitigating project execution risk. We will advise the operations team on the current state/status quo P&L, as compared to multiple future state operating scenarios, for better insight into fact-based, data-driven decision making. We also are experts in helping our clients achieve board approval for significant capital expenditure projects that provide world-class results.

Strategy through Execution

  • Different work streams aligning parallel path vs. archaic linear processes
  • Fully formed future state operational scenario
  • Board-ready business case financial model (future state vs. status quo income statement)
  • Increased speed to market by 18 months

Project Execution



In addition to our consulting and advisory services, APS, through our investment vehicle NME Holdings L.P.,its subsidiaries, and capital partners, also seeks to partner with clients on investment opportunities. Through these investments, we are able to provide clients with a private source of long-term capital as a Principal investor on real estate assets in addition to investing alongside our clients in platform investments.

Trusted Real Estate Partner
Aligned interests for success of the portfolio company
Quote from a client: “We feel having a landlord in this that we trust is absolutely critical.”

Enterprise Value Builder Chain

The Continuum highlights project team members responsible for overcoming specific challenges related to operational and real estate transformation. This is for complex operational projects and we drive this strategy-through-execution with our 100-Day Stratagem to increase speed to market, drive EBITDA margin, and mitigate risk.

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